Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Director of the institute
Institute for Nano- and Microfluidics

Head of Institute
L2|06 112-24274
Administrative Staff
Human resources department, International officeL2|06 113-24277
Scientific Staff
Modeling and simulationL2|06 103-24271
Electroosmotic flow along superhydrophobic fiber surfacesL2/06 105-24280
Thin film dynamics, non-isothermal electrokinetic transport under confinementL2|06 111-24276
Capillarity-driven transportL2/06 109-24272
High Knudsen number gas kineticsL2/06 111-24276
Electrokinetic transport of microparticles at fluid interfacesL2/06 105-24280
Coalescence and breakup of droplets on solid surfacesL2/06 108-24270
Korteweg stresses, effective interfacial tension and capillary phenomena in miscible fluidsL2/06 107-24273
Microfluidic implementations of artificial genetic circuitsL2/06 110-24275
Electroosmotic flow along superhydrophobic surfacesL2|06 105-24280
Thin film dynamicsL2/06 109-24272
Technical Staff
L2|06 109-24272
Technician CRC 1194, Projects A01, A02L2/06 108-24270
Name Working area(s) Office Phone E-mail
Working Group Thermal Process Engineering

EmeritusL1|01 373-22520

Process intensification, Liquid-vapor/gas separation operations in microstructured devicesL1|01 373-22520

Tubular fuel cellsL1|01 373-22520