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Microfluidic Capillary-Based Device for Double Emulsion Droplet Generation



Microfluidics offers the possibility to produce capsules at a high repetition rate while simultaneously fulfilling the quality criteria. Usually, in the first step, a droplet is formed within a second one and transported within a carrier phase. This is a so-called double emulsion droplet. In a second step, the outer droplet is solidified, e.g., by UV-curing. Finally, the liquid of the inner droplet is removed, resulting in a dry, solid shell.

Classical microfluidic approaches for double emulsion production are capillary based. The goal of this Master thesis is to build up a microfluidic setup using capillaries and find suitable parameters for its geometrical dimensions and flow rates of the fluids.

The thesis will be written in co-operation with Focus Energy GmbH.

Betreuer: Prof. Hardt und Dr. Hartmann von Focused Energy GmbH

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Experimentelle Untersuchung der Kapillarität geladener Flüssigkeiten


4. Juli 2023

Betreuer: M. Sc. Aaron Ratschow

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